Dedicated Hosting

Intel Sandy Bridge

  • CPU 2 Cores @ 3.1 GHz
  • RAM 8 GB
  • HDD 500 GB x 2

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Dedicated Hosting

Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2

  • CPU 4 Cores @ 3.30 GHz
  • RAM 16 GB
  • HDD 1 TB x 2

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Dedicated Hosting

Intel Xeon E3-1270 v5

  • CPU 4 Cores @ 3.60 GHz
  • RAM 16 GB
  • HDD 1 TB x 2

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Dedicated Hosting

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3

  • CPU 12 Cores @ 2.40 GHz
  • RAM 64 GB
  • HDD 1 TB x 2

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Dedicated Web Server Hosting Service

In Salasar Solutions,Dedicated Web Server Hosting Service Provides Fast, secure, Reliable Server infrastructures.Generally dedicated server is a single computer in a network reserved for serving the needs of the networkThis is considered a more flexible arrangement for the client because unlike in shared server arrangements, it gives the organization total control over the server, its software and security systems.

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99.9% Uptime

99.9% Uptime Guarantee for your Websites or Web Applications
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Salasar Solutions firewall Prevents DDos and Intrusion Attacks.
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Quick Response Times

Our Servers are fast and Secured with Anit-DDos Protection
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Data Analysis

We offer secure data analysis hosting with utmost service and least effort for the client.
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Technical Service

We provide Wide range of technical services to support the complex needs of our customers.
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Bug Fixing

Salasar solutions has well trained technical teams and gives customised support to all our clients.

Dedicated Web Server Hosting service

Having the best infrastructure and security provided by DFT, our severs at Dallas and Los Angeles offer a 99.99% uptime SLA.

ServerCores/ThreadsHDDBandwidthRamWHM/CPanelIP AddressPort SpeedDDOS ProtectionCost
Intel Sandy Bridge2 Cores @ 3.1 GHz, 4 Threads2 x 500 GB20 TB8GBYes51 Gbps20 Gbps₹ 20,160 Per/MonthContact Us
Intel Xeon E3-1230 v24 Cores @ 3.30 GHz, 8 Threads2 x 1 TB20 TB16GBYes51 Gbps20 Gbps₹ 27,440 Per/MonthContact Us
Intel Xeon E3-1270 v54 Cores @ 3.60 GHz, 8 Threads2 x 1 TB20 TB16GBYes101 Gbps20 Gbps₹ 28,490 Per/MonthContact Us
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v312 Cores @ 2.40 GHz, 24 Threads2 x 1 TB30 TB64GBYes101 Gbps20 Gbps₹ 41,930 Per/MonthContact Us